Winter Service Special

Hilltop 2018 Service Special a

* Parts are in addition to these prices. * Labor for additional repairs is not included in service special

Pick-Up & Delivery price Includes P&D up to 10 miles, Extra miles have a special pro-rated discount price.

P&D Over 10 miles Pricing
calculated and priced from us to your location

10 - 15 miles

add $10.00

15 - 20 miles

add $17.00

20 - 25 miles

add $25.00

25 - 30 miles

add $34.00

30 - 35 miles

add $45.00

* Blade Sharpening will be included and not be an extra charge.

* Parts & Fluids used for 14-point service (are not included) but will be only used as needed which means
(example; if air filter was recently changed it will not be replaced) which will save you on the cost of parts.

* All extra repairs needed will be confirmed with you before it is done unless prior authoritization is given to us,

* No discount will be given on the extra repairs without 14-point service special.

* Machines must be available for pick-up / delivery upon our schedule when we are in the area -
Special machine down pick-ups or missed P/D's will be subject to an extra charge. NJ Tolls are additional.

* Dropped off pricing is for machines brought in and pick-up by you, P&D pricing is for machines we pick-up & deliver back to you.

* All service invoices are due upon delivery or customer pick-up.

If you have any questions or would like to get signed up,

Contact Dan III or Mike Horn in Service now.

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