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2008 John Deere Z-Trak™ Z820A 25hp Pro w/ 60"


291 Hours
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Z-Trak™ Z820A 25hp Pro w/ 60"


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This machine is in excellent shape, 60" Deck, homeowner owned, smaller property & traded back for smaller machine. It has been kept inside. New one like this now is sale priced at $9450.00


For professional mowing, there is now a mower that excels in three areas: durability, reliability, and productivity. The new Z-Trak™ PRO 800 Series Mowers will help you cover more acres faster and more dependably with an even higher quality of cut.

    • 25 hp Air cooled Kawasaki engine
    • Heavy-duty ground drive transmission - Integrated hydraulic drive eliminates leak points and provides plenty of power to handle even the toughest cutting jobs
    • Exclusive Turn Key +1 - Starting the machine is as easy as starting a car - Your control levers can be extended out or pulled in as long as the parking brake is engaged - just turn the key and go!
    • Adjustable motion control levers can be adjusted to three different height settings and multiple fore-aft positions, providing comfortable positions for almost any operator
    • Convenient controls are grouped together on the right console, providing one central location for key switch, throttle, PTO engagement, height of cut, diagnostics, and hour meter
    • Engage the parking brake with your left foot rather than a hand brake - it is easy to engage and keeps the operator's hands on the control levers
    • Caster wheels and caster wheel towers have greasable bearings for long life and easy steering
    • Heavy duty I-Cast iron I Beam caster wheel arms support axles are impact resistant for durability on the PRO Z-Trak™ Series
    • Offset front caster wheels help improve inside corner trim performance and also help reduce between-blade striping
    • To eliminate flat caster tires, PRO Z-Trak™ machines are equipped with run flat tires as standard equipment
    • Flip-up foot platform provides easy access for servicing the mower deck
    • Fuel gauge makes it quick and easy to see how much fuel is in the tank
    • Make fewer stops for fuel with the increased fuel tank capacity of 11.5 gallons
    • Large diameter fuel-fill opening reduces the chance of spilling when adding fuel
    Available with
    • 48-inch 7-Iron Mulch-on-Demand Deck
    • 54-inch 7-Iron Mulch-on-Demand Deck
    • 54-inch 7-Iron PRO Deck
    • 48-inch 7-Iron PRO Deck
    • Manufacturer: Kawasaki
    • Model No.: FH721V
    • Horsepower (gross): 25 hp
    • Displacement: 680 cc
    • Cylinders: Two
    • Crankcase Capacity: 2.0 U.S. quarts
    • Oil Filter: Full flow, replaceable
    • Lubrication: Full pressure
    • Cooling: Air
    • Air Cleaner: Heavy duty cannister w/ safety
    • Pre-Cleaner: Yes
    Fuel System
    • Fuel Type: Gas
    • Fuel Consumption: 1.1 to 1.5 U.S. gal./hr under normal conditions, load, operation, and dependent on horsepower
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 11.5 U.S. gallons
    • Fuel Tank Switch/Shut Off Valve: Yes
    Electrical System
    • Charge System: 20 amp
    • Battery Voltage: 12 Volt
    • Cold Cranking Amp: 300
    • Hour Meter: Standard, digital
    • Operator Presence Starting System: Turn key +1
    Drive Train
    • Hydraulic Pumps: Parker heavy-duty ground drive
    • Travel Speed: Forward: 0 - 10 mph; Reverse: 0 - 5 mph
    • Speed and Direction Control: Twin levers
    • Hydraulic Capacity: 2.9 U.S. quarts
    • Filter: Spin-on type
    • Drive Tires: 24x12-12
    • Load Rating: 4 PR
    • Dynamic Braking: Twin levers
    • Park Brake: Drum
    • Park Brake Actuation: Foot pedal
    • Type: Electro-magnetic (200 lb. ft.)
    • Drive: V-belt
    Mower Decks
    • Available Widths: 54 in.
    • Deck construction: One-piece stamped steel
    • Deck thickness: 7 ga. (0.177 in.)
    • Discharge: Side
    • Height-of-Cut Range: 1.5 - 5.0 in.
    • Increments: 0.25 in.
    • Cutting Width: 54 in.
    • Length: 19 in.
    • Thickness: 0.25 in.
    • Tip Speed: 18,000 fpm
    • Number: Three
    • Caster Wheel Type: Semi-pneumatic
    • Caster Wheel Size: 13x5-6
    • Front Anti-Scalp Rollers: RH, center, LH
    • Rear Anti-Scalp Rollers: RH, LH
    • Length: 84 in.
    • Width: 69 in. with discharge chute
    • Height: 73 in. with ROPS up, 47 in. with ROPS down
    • Weight: 1301 lb. (590.1 kg) uncrated



    Engine Manufacturer
    Horse Power
    25 hp
    680 cc


    Heavy-duty ground drive
    Wheel Size
    Caster Wheel Size: 13x5-6
    Fuel Capacity
    11.5 gal.


    Deck Size
    Discharge Type
    Side, Optional: Mulcher