Annual Spring Auction


Keep an eye here for updates to both links, Daily we will try to get as many pics up as possible.

This year's "Featured Items" & "Photo Gallery" of items

This year we have a buyers premium of 7% with 2% waived for cash or check

in an effort to cover the increased costs of this event.

As always you are welcome to come in to browse the items before hand.

Sign up for Bidder numbers begin at 7am, auction day & the auction at 9am

Auction day we ask that you follow the directions from our Parking Helpers,

This makes things go much smoother for everyone.

We posted as many pictures as we could but there was so much more, here are just a few of;


Last years Auction We took in and Sold just under 1000 ITEMS ! We feel it was a successful one for all involved.

We would to thank everyone for coming out, and we look forward to seeing you again this year, always

The 1st Saturday in April.
No matter whether you’re buying or selling, the Auction is the right place for you. The Auction has grown
to be a huge event, with as many as 1700 items sold to the highest bidder and over 1000 people signed up to bid!



Whether you're looking for a great great deal on a used tractor, a walk-behind, or any implement to fit your current machine, chances are you'll find it at the Auction!

New This Year, In an effort to cover increased costs of this event we have raised the buyers premium to 7% with 2% waived if paid with cash or check.

Bidder numbers are available auction day, " BRING YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE "
with the ability to scan it with the new system it helps speed up this process.

Can't make the Sale ? Call us for information about Absentee bids.



Maybe you've got some equipment you don't use any more and don't have the room to keep it - at lot of these items still have value to them, but you may just not have the time to sell them yourself. At the Auction, we sell it to the highest bidder out of thousands of onlookers.

Call us for information on Reserved Bids.


We will start accepting consignments the week prior to the big day- on Sat.March 31st at 8am to 12 noon, Monday-Thursday 8-5pm, and lastly on Friday from 8-4pm. Any Trailers or Vehicles the seller must be present with I.D. must have proof of ownership and a legal title with consigners name on it, NO household items, appliances, windows ect. or tires w/o rims, and please NO junk! We want SALVAGEABLE lawn & grounds care equipment. We reserve the right to refuse.


Commission Rates - same as last year

$0 - $10.00 : 50%

$11. - $50. : 35%

$51. - $100. : 25%

$101. - $300. : 20%

$301. - $500. : 15%

$501. - $1,000. : 10%

$1,000. - $3,000. : 8%

$3,001. - and up : 6%

New this year - 7% Buyers Premium - 2% Waived if paid by cash or Check

Sale Day Specials

The auction isn't the only thing there is to see! New equipment vendor displays from
John Deere, Stihl, Arctic Cat, Woods, and HONDA !
All with special Auction Day pricing!

Refreshments will be again be available by Ackermanville United Methodist Church.

We would like to thank our Friends at: Hartzells Auction Gallery

Our Auctioneer's from the start, for such a great job every year !